2012 Legislation to Watch

Today we’re listing some legislation we’re keeping track of during the 2012 legislative session which began at the beginning of January and will run through mid-May.  You will only find Missouri House bills on the list as the Senate hasn’t sent many bills through to committees while the House bills have been on the calendar in committees or are important to our legislative activities.

House Bills the MPA is Following

HB 1075 – Pharmacy Inventory Requirement Bill – Sponsor:  Rep. David Sater 
Summary:  Prohibits a licensed pharmacy from being required to carry or maintain in inventory any specific prescription or nonprescription drug or device.
MPA Position:  Support

HB 1193 – Prescription Monitoring Program – Sponsor:  Rep. Keith Frederick
Summary:  Establishes the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Act to monitor the prescribing and dispensing of controlled substances
MPA Position:  Support

HB 1328 – Pseudoephedrine Products – Sponsor:  Rep. Stanley Cox
Summary:   Changes the laws regarding the sale and possession of controlled substances
MPA Position:  Support

HB 1372 – Prescription Monitoring Program – Sponsor:  Rep. Caleb Jones
Summary:  Changes the laws regarding the dispensing of controlled substances and establishes the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Act
MPA Position:  Support

HB 1450 – Pharmacy Benefit Managers – Sponsor:  Rep. Mike Bernskoetter
Summary:  Changes the laws regarding the electronic transmission of prescriptions and pharmacy benefit managers
MPA Position:  Support 

HB 1563 – Legend Drugs – Sponsor:  Rep. David Sater
Summary:  Allows a pharmacy to sell, purchase, or trade legend drugs to other pharmacies under certain conditions
MPA Position:  Support

HB 1581 – Pharmacy Benefit Managers, Mail Order – Sponsor:  Rep. Steve Hodges
Summary:  Requires all health carriers and health benefit plans providing prescription drug coverage to allow insureds to fill mail order prescriptions at either participating mail order pharmacies or retail
MPA Position:  Support

If you have any questions about the legislation and where any of these bills are in the process, please direct them to Ron Fitzwater via email to ron@morx.com.  Also, if you’re interested in being involved in the MPA’s Legislative Committee Legislative conference calls, let Robyn Silvey know by sending her an email, robyn@morx.com (You have to be an active MPA member to participate in these calls).

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