Adderall runs short nationally

Local sites still have Adderall available.

By RUDI KELLER | A shortage of some drugs used to treat attention deficit disorder has driven up prices but has not caused serious disruptions in local treatments, doctors and a pharmacy owner said this week.

Nationwide, the Food and Drug Administration is reporting shortages of amphetamine mixed salts preparations, sold under the brand names Adderall and Vyvanse. The drugs are used to help calm patients, allowing them to focus on tasks for longer periods. Some of the most common users are school-age children diagnosed with ADD after being unable to cope with classroom rules.

“I haven’t been completely unsuccessful in locating it for someone,” said Ann Bromstedt, owner of Kilgore’s Medical Pharmacy. “Sometimes we will call the doctor and then use a higher-dose tablet and break it in half for them. I don’t know that I have personally turned anybody away.”

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