APMS Alert – Do Not Share Your Data

Pharmacy Quality Commitment Alert

Pharmacy Quality Commitment (PQC) is part of a Patient Safety Organization (PSO) so any error and near miss information that you collect, any reports that you make, and any quality assurance work that you perform falls under the APMS PSO and is considered confidential and protected information.

If you are contacted by an insurance company and they request med errors reports DO NOT share your data with them.  Simply print out your “Active Certificate” showing proof that you use PQC as your quality assurance program. If you need help finding or printing your certificate showing you are using PQC, please contact Jane at jane@naspa.us or call (866)365-7472 and she will help you locate it.  Should the insurance company have any questions direct them to call Tara Modisett APMS Executive Director via email at tara@naspa.us or via phone at (866)365-7472.

PQC is a continuous quality improvement program that helps you comply with quality assurance requirements found in network contracts, Medicare Part D and many state regulations. Those pharmacies that collect and work with patient safety data with PQC get strong federal protections and confidentiality for that data and quality improvement work. Make sure that you have adopted the PSES and downloaded the QA Policy and Procedures.
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