Behind the Scene at Whaley’s West Side Pharmacy

Last week on November 23, John, MPA’s Communications Manager, and I continued our out-of-the-office and behind the counter outing at Whaley’s West Side Pharmacy on Amazonas in Jefferson City.

The West side pharmacy, Whaley’s newest location, was added to the Whaley’s family pharmacy in April of 2005.  Here customers get the same great customer satisfaction in addition to their great innovative niches that has a fresh new feel.  More to offer than just prescriptions their Espresso Bar and “Mommy and Me” present them with extra spotlight.  Their Espresso Bar has excellent soda and coffee coupled with candy and fun gifts, the “Mommy and Me” is proud to offer a very unique line of baby items for new families and those adding new members.

As we arrived Wednesday morning, the staff was eager to greet us and automatically introduced themselves with enthusiasm.  The feeling of being welcome to the family was very profound.  We met two of their Technicians, Jayme Prenger, Jessica Wells, and Pharmacist, Dale Van Wig, RPh.  John and I both stepped in and began watching what they do day-to-day and Dale was glad to answer any questions we had, giving us a much better idea of what goes on in a pharmacy, behind the scene.  There is much more than one would think, it takes complete concentration and diligent long hour days.

After several hours of John and I observing Dale, we ventured out from behind the counter and made our way over to another counter, at the Espresso Bar where we met Mary Jo Fischer.  Mary Jo works at Whaley’s as one of their customer service representatives, she was pleased to tell us a little about herself and how she became part of the team, it was boldly shown to us how happy she was to be there.  Mary Jo made us some delicious vanilla and cherry cokes, afterwards she gave us a tour of the show room floor and presented us with many of the “Mommy and Me” big sellers, my personal favorite was the Woombie and their baby leg socks.  Where John really liked their elephant piggy banks.  They are after all his favorite kind of animal!

Overall, we both had a fun time and gained important knowledge of pharmacy life.  We look forward to our next visit with all members of the outstanding Whaley’s family.

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