Contact ABC’s Good Morning America TODAY!

Wednesday morning, January 14th, 2009, on ABC’s Good Morning America, Mellody Hobson urged viewers to purchase their prescriptions through mail order, repeating the now familiar falsehood that mail order prescriptions are beneficial to patients. We hear this repeated time and time again by so called “experts” despite the evidence that mail order is in fact NOT in the best interest of patients.

As the prescription drug experts, you know the vital role that local community pharmacists play every day in patients’ lives. One on one consultation between the patient and pharmacist improves outcomes and ultimately reduces health care costs. No mail order facility can ever replace the invaluable service you provide each and every day to your patients.

We need you to respond to this “mail order is cheaper” argument that is continually perpetuated on television segments and news articles.

Call the ABC News main line at 212-456-7777 T O D A Y and let them know that Mellody Hobson’s comments on Good Morning America were false: mail order prescriptions are not in the best interest of our nations patients.

ABC News: 212-456-7777

A staff person from ABC News will answer. Tell them your name, location and pharmacy. Below are some talking points for you to use:

1. This morning Mellody Hobson told your viewers that mail order was a way to save money on prescriptions.

2. Patients NEED consultation of their pharmacist and can’t get that through the mail order pharmacy.

3. Weather conditions and long delivery times can have SERIOUS affects on the drugs as well.

4. Mail order could ultimately cost the life of the patient. Is that what GMA is comfortable endorsing?

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