Going behind the counter – Part 1

Over the course of the next week, Travis has decided that Stacey, MPA’s Marketing Manager, and I need to get to know our members and more importantly how they do their jobs a little better since neither of us have a pharmacy background, pharmacy training, or worked in a pharmacy. Tuesday (Nov. 22nd) was our first day shadowing a pharmacist at Whaley’s Pharmacy at their East End location on High Street in Jefferson City.

We got to meet a crew of three very talented and energetic people: Nora and Shane, both registered pharmacy technicians and Kyle who has his Pharm.D. from UMKC. As Stacey and I passed over the threshold into the store, I felt as though we moved back to the 50s. The entrance gave you such a sense of pride this pharmacy has for serving the Jefferson City community for the past 70 or so years. The decorations they have, the tiles on the floor, the wallpaper and even the soda bar across the main entrance, which by the way, does have the best cherry coke in Mid-MO, were so fitting for this quaint store.

Kyle gave Stacey and I the grand tour of the back offices where they do outpatient home care and geriatric care as well as his office where he had a freezer full of various vaccinations and medications for patients. After he got permission from the patient, he even let us sit in on a shingles vaccination he had to give.

Getting to learn more about the pharmacy industry and being allowed to see pharmacists step out from behind the counter has been a thrilling experience so far. There is so much more that goes into filling prescriptions than meets the eye. Making sure the patient gets the right drug, right amount and that it is paid for in one form or another is just the start. Sitting down with them and being able to counsel them through the use of the drug is a powerful tool in the pharmacists arsenal that I never knew existed.

Tomorrow it is off to the West Side Whaley’s store for another lesson in the life of a pharmacist.

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