How to Make Your Pharmacy More Senior Friendly

Written by Kirsten Hudson, PBA Healthmature couple

Seniors are the largest age group in the U.S., and they likely make up a big portion of your pharmacy’s customers (or potential customers). Get more seniors into your independent pharmacy, and impress your current patients, by making your pharmacy more senior-friendly. Here are some easy tips to give seniors a reason to use your pharmacy.

Give senior discounts

The senior discount is notorious for a reason. Many seniors love to save money. Create a senior discount day, where seniors get 5 percent off their front-end purchases on the second Wednesday of every month, for example. Or, incorporate special senior discounts into your loyalty rewards program. Be sure to let your older patients know about this perk that’s just for them.

Offer prescription delivery

Seniors and their caregivers will appreciate a pharmacy that offers the convenience of prescription delivery. Even if you charge a small fee, having this service available says a lot about your business. Another option is to mail prescriptions to patients. Elderly patients who aren’t able to move around easily or who have a hearing impairment would likely appreciate this service.

Provide top-notch customer service

Managing multiple medications can be extremely confusing for seniors or their caregivers. Seniors will value a pharmacy that takes the time to stop and answer their questions. It’s also a nice touch to check up on seniors with a friendly phone call from the pharmacist once in a while. Regular interactions with your senior patients will help build relationships with them and maintain their business.

Consider offering charge accounts

Charge accounts offer patients the convenience of paying their bill once a month instead of with every transaction. This is especially valuable for older patients, so they don’t have to mess with money during each transaction and can instead have a family member pay the bill each month. Before you start offering charge accounts, read up on how to handle overdue bills.

Come out from behind the counter

Set your pharmacy apart from the competition by coming out from behind the counter to help older patients select the best eye drops or the right compression hose. Many seniors look for that extra level of care in a pharmacy—make sure your pharmacy is the one providing it.


  1. I really want to be able to find a good pharmacy that I can go to. It would be really great if I could find a pharmacy that worked well with seniors. Then I could take my parents to the pharmacy as well so that they could get their medication. However, it would probably be best for them to get their prescriptions delivered. This would make it so much easier for them, because then they wouldn’t have to go into town for their medication. Thank you for the great post!

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