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Dear MPA Partner:

Your site could be part of a program that helps patients get information and assistance to help support Janssen long-acting injectable atypical antipsychotics.

As an alternate site of care for JANSSEN® CONNECT®, patients would visit you to receive their medication. You would play an important role in implementing the physician’s medical orders, including:
• Offering patients a location that may be more convenient* for them to receive their prescribed medication
• Helping patients secure an appointment, and remind patients about future injection appointments.
• Alerting the healthcare professional of missed injection appointments, symptom concerns, or adverse events
*Actual availability may vary based on location.

JANSSEN® CONNECT® is a program designed to provide comprehensive information and assistance to help support patients prescribed Janssen long-acting injectable atypical antipsychotics, including: alternate sites of care, access and reimbursement support, continuity of therapy, and distribution support.

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If you would like to talk to a JANSSEN® CONNECT® representative, call
1-877-JCHELP9 (1-877-524-3579).

Disclaimer: Analytics about the program as of the date noted may not be representative of future analytics or your patients or practice. Please consider appropriate use of JANSSEN® CONNECT® information and assistance in light of your practice and individual patients’ clinical needs and applicable payer requirements. Information and assistance (eg, information regarding reimbursement, alternate sites of care, appointment scheduling, reminders, and distribution support) are provided by United BioSource Corporation (“UBC”), under contract for Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (“JPI”).

UBC provides information to healthcare professionals (“HCPs”) regarding whether the treatment is covered by the applicable third-party payer, based on the payer’s coverage guidelines and the patient information provided by the HCP. This information and assistance are made available as a convenience to patients, and there is no requirement that patients or HCPs use any JPI or other J&J product in exchange for this information or assistance.

JPI assumes no responsibility for and does not guarantee the quality, scope, or availability of the information and assistance provided (eg, information regarding reimbursement, alternate sites of care, appointment scheduling, reminders, and distribution support). UBC, not JPI, is responsible for the information and assistance it provides under this program. Each HCP and patient is responsible for verifying or confirming any information provided by JPI. All claims and other submissions to payers should be in compliance with all applicable requirements.

As always, please let me know if you would prefer to no longer receive correspondence regarding this program, or if I can be of further assistance.


Robin Kolker Adkins
Systems of Care Specialist

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