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By STACEY PETERS | Marketing Manager | MPA

David Sater didn’t always see himself going into pharmacy during his time at Southwest Missouri State University, now Missouri State University. He says you have to “explore different avenues” and he did just that.

He thought about oceanology and veterinary school, all while he obtained his Bachelor of Science degrees in Biology and Chemistry. He soon realized he didn’t want to look down a microscope all day; he wanted to interact with people.

One day, a friend of his father’s asked him what Sater planned on doing with his future.

His father’s friend worked in pharmacy and invited Sater to a meeting they were having at UMKC. After the meeting and speaking with the dean at the time, it clicked for him.

“It seemed like the right fit for me,” Sater says. Through it all it wasn’t an easy decision.

Sater graduated from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Pharmacy in 1972. During school he worked at a few different places but it wasn’t until after he graduated he was asked by Don Peterson of Cassville to come finish his internship at his pharmacy.

With Sater growing up in Cassville, his family living there, and also being a “country boy at heart” Sater agreed to join Peterson’s pharmacy.

Once Sater passed his State Board and became a licensed Missouri pharmacist, it was only a year and half later Peterson asked Sater if he was interested in buying the pharmacy. Peterson saw how dedicated he was to the store and to all of their customers. He knew Sater would be a perfect fit for becoming the next owner of the pharmacy. Shortly thereafter and with a few quick signatures Sater was now the owner of Sater Pharmacy in Cassville.

Sater owned the business for more than 30 years and during that time he says, “It was a fulfilling life to be an owner and operator.” In order to have a successful pharmacy you have to do it all; from filling prescriptions to taking out the trash.

“You cannot be an absent owner” he says.

Although over the years Sater faced some challenges, he proudly overcame them with excellent customer service.

When a large competitor, Wal-Mart, came to town, everyone’s excellent teamwork and personal one-on-one service gave Sater Pharmacy the ability to stand strong.

“My patients are my friends, not a prescription number,” he says.

He knew all his customers by name and their families as well. He would always go above and beyond in the call of duty, proven in year 1983 when he received the Pharmacy of the Year Award.

He joined the MPA in 1973 when Don Peterson referred him and over the years of membership he obtained the true value to the MPA and how it benefits pharmacies and their pharmacists.

“The MPA looks out for those dark clouds coming toward pharmacy and keeps them away” Sater says.

It was about 9 years ago Sater came across the opportunity to take the place of Larry Taylor as a State Representative when Taylor ran for State Senate.

“It wasn’t on my radar” Sater says.

Taylor helped Sater with his decision, they then ran for office promoting each other and then winning their seats at the Capitol.

“I never dreamed to be in office, it’s interesting how life is like that, just kind of falls into place sometimes,” Sater says.

He keeps making his way up in the Legislature, although he says, it wasn’t’ meant to become a stepping stone for him; however, he loves how it all worked out because he greatly enjoys the work he does and he most likes working in the committees influencing certain legislation.

Sater and his wife Sharon have two children, Joshua and Samantha. They are both grown, Joshua graduated from the University of Mississippi, and Samantha from University of Kansas.

Now, when Sater is not hard at work he enjoys spending time with his wife dining out and traveling. He also loves to garden, bird watch, play golf and go crappie fishing.

He also continues to work part-time in a couple different pharmacies when Legislature is not in session.

“It has been a privilege to be a pharmacist” Sater says.

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