Missouri Board of Pharmacy Meeting – July 2012

Today I attended my first Board of Pharmacy meeting. It was a great experience and I walked away with some key information to share!

The Board of Pharmacy posted Medication Therapy Services (MTS) information to their webpage today. It is a Q&A document that answers many of the frequent questions. The Board will start issuing MTS certificates August 30th. Find the Q&A document titled “Medication Therapy Services Information” on Missouri Board of Pharmacy’s main website here!

Open discussion took place regarding a statute related to Emergency Dispensing in situations where the pharmacist is unable to obtain refill authorization from the prescriber due to death, incapacity or inability to provide medical services or when reasonable efforts to contact the prescriber have failed. Currently there is no legislation to address these scenarios and current practice consists of the pharmacist’s professional judgment to make a decision on when and how much to dispense. Today, many attendees spoke about the importance of reviewing the wording and different interpretations that could take place in specific scenarios. The board is revising the wording and presenting it again. Points of debate included:

  1. Allowable amount of medication dispensed regarding day supply
  2. Documentation emergency fills
  3. Prescriber notification

Keep your eyes and ears open for more information to come from the Board about these topics.


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