Missouri Pharmacist Wins the Lottery

Many will enter, few will win; roughly 8 per year to be exact. Those are the odds pharmacist John Markovich went up against when he purchased a ticket to play the Missouri Lottery earlier this week. Markovich was pleasantly shocked when he discovered that his ticket had won the May 16 Missouri Lotto jackpot.

Yesterday, Mr. Markovich was presented with a larger than life check worth $2 million, much better than a tour of Mr. Wonka’s super secret candy factory.

Markovich owns and operates City Pharmacy in Slater, MO. Established in 1946 by his father, City Pharmacy has been family owned and operated ever since. John attended pharmacy shool in Creighton University and followed in his father’s footsteps.

Most people in his position would immediately quit their 9-5 job and begin vacationing around the world. But Markovich remains committed to his community and his patients. Even today, this jackpot winner can be found behind the counter dispensing medication and advice to patients.

Plans for his winnings will eventualy include a trip to the tropics, but like most pharmacists much will depend on finding relief to cover the pharmacy counter while he’s away.

To view the Missouri Lottery’s press release, click HERE.

The MPA’s Weekly Pharmacist Spotlight is on:

John Markovich, Pharmacist
City Pharmacy, Slater
Creighton University, Class of 1981

Q. What does the pharmacy profession mean to you?
A. Service to my community as a part of the medical team and being an active member of the community.

Q. What steps are you taking to adapt to a constantly changing technological and professional environment in pharmacy?
A. Continuing Education and Journals.

Q. What would be one innovative idea you could give other MPA members to help them build their practice?

A. Be very available to your customers, day and night.

Q. What have you enjoyed most about your involvement with the pharmacy profession?

A. The people I’ve met here in the pharmacy. Never a dull moment!

Congratulations to John Markovich from the Missouri Pharmacy Association!

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