Missouri’s Pseudoephedrine Electronic Logbook Implementation Process

As the MPA has gone through this whole process of fighting for and against certain legislation in Jefferson City that would hamper or enhance a pharmacy’s practice setting in Missouri, we’ve been interested to hear what our pharmacists, students and techs have to say about this, so give us your thoughts when you get a chance!

The pseudoephedrine electronic tracking system is due to go into effect by the end of 2010 in every pharmacy in Missouri, as required by law. The new system will take the old manual logbooks out of pharmacies and install a new, streamlined and more handy process to help curb the production of meth drugs around Missouri, a much needed update to a very old and ineffective system.

Over the next year, it will be interesting to see the results of this action in Missouri. The goal, obviously, is to rid our state of drug problems, of which methamphetamine drugs are among the worst. So, as we fight to help protect Missourians and as you fight to provide the best patient care to your patients, let us move forward in this endeavor with a bold perspective! Lets ensure that pharmacists are at the head of this battle, leading the way as one of the most trusted health care providers in America.

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