MPA: Working hard for the pharmacists of Missouri

Crowley, Matt

Matt Crowley, PharmD Candidate 2014, UMKC School of Pharmacy

I have been a member of MPA for a while now, receiving emails of MPA initiatives and accomplishments. But I never put much thought into what the association truly does, and the amount of work that it takes. On my first day of working hands on at the MPA headquarters in Jefferson City, I was impressed with how open everyone was. They are genuinely excited about the vision of the association, and are constantly seeking ways to spread that energy and excitement throughout the pharmacy community. Every member of the MPA staff was eager to get me on board with their respective project, seeking ways to improve the utilization of pharmacists in ways I never imagined. They are constantly incorporating the best ideas from pharmacists around the state, as well as the nation, into the practice of pharmacy in Missouri.

Once they have an idea, the real work begins to start. The staff is genuinely interested in finding ways to implement common sense ideas to improve the prospects of MPA members. They are seeking ways to better utilize pharmacist’s clinical expertise, which creates better healthcare outcomes for our patients. To effectively do this requires tight coordination within the organization, as well as with pharmacists throughout the state. The MPA sees the immense potential that pharmacists have in improving patient outcomes. Therefore they are constantly working on different ways to get pharmacists involved in the MPA’s processes.

The MPA realizes that pharmacists working on the front lines of healthcare are the best source of information about the issues that really matter. Practicing pharmacists understand the impact that policy changes have on their patients and their business better than anyone else. So it naturally makes sense that seeking input from these individuals is vital for maximizing the impact that pharmacists can make on the care of our patients. Every day I work with the MPA is a day that I see them improving the prospects of pharmacists throughout the state. They are working with individual pharmacists, healthcare organizations, regulatory officials, and the legislature in order to implement the ideas that you and I know are best for the healthcare of our patients. All this is made even more impressive by the small staff that the MPA uses to provide all the services that offered to members.

Upon first arriving at the MPA office, I was immediately struck by the accomplishments being produced by the small team. The team is able to efficiently utilize limited resources to produce results that advance the profession of pharmacy throughout the state. Through their hard work, as well as effective partnerships with other organizations, they are working on projects that help to guarantee that pharmacists stay at the forefront of healthcare through the 21st century. This expansion of pharmacist services ensures that there is a future for pharmacists in the healthcare system. And what is good for pharmacists in Missouri, is good for the patients that we serve.

Matt Crowley
PharmD Candidate 2014
UMKC School of Pharmacy

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