MPA’s visit to STLCOP!

On March 8th 2012, Robyn Silvey, Meetings and Membership Manager, and I traveled to the St. Louis College of Pharmacy to speak with students about the MPA’s Legislative Day, Annual Convention, and Missouri’s House Bills that pertain to pharmacy.

During our drive it was raining and sleeting but just at our time of arrival to STLCOP it stopped for us and we got to explore their beautiful campus.  After our brief tour we made our way to Whelpley auditorium where we got to meet the board members of the Student Pharmacy Association (SPA) among other STLCOP students.

SPA is a professional association that coordinates and organizes the activities of the student chapters of the three national pharmacy organizations, Missouri Pharmacy Association and the Illinois Pharmacists Association.

During the presentation various students got up to talk about activities, projects, and events to other STLCOP students who were interested in extracurricular activity.  Everyone was very professional during this presentation and it was greatly coordinated.

After the presentation was over, Robyn and I got to visit and interact more in detail with Jaimin Patel; SPA President, Cody Steele; SPA Liaison, Kyle Brennan; SPA Liaison Elect, Brandon Luong, and Alyse Battles; SPA Members.  All of their enthusiasm for pharmacy made us very proud to be a staff member of the MPA helping their profession!

Before we left we also got to visit with Faculty and Staff; President John Pieper, his secretary Lynn Fallert, Vice President of Advancement Brett Schott, Vice President of Marketing and Communications Marcus Long, and John Burke a Professor, Director, and Associate Dean, about STLCOP’s great participation with the MPA and how great their student body is involved!

We had a great day and deeply enjoyed meeting everyone; it is nice to now be able to put a face to a name with all we met!  The students excitement for their future careers was so contagious it made us even more excited to work with them in the future that will link STLCOP and the MPA.

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