My first day of rotation with the Missouri Pharmacy Assocation

Mario-CoronadoAfter making my drive from St. Louis to Kansas City on Monday, I had just enough time to drive to and settle into my apartment in Jefferson City Tuesday night before beginning my first day of rotation with the Missouri Pharmacy Association. Wednesday morning was hit the ground running for me, as, without any food in the apartment yet, I decided it would be best to stop for breakfast at the local Café Via Roma on my way in. I’ve met the MPA team on several occasions before this, and could have safely assumed they have coffee available at the office, but you can never be too careful. Finally, I made my way in and had the chance to introduce myself more formally to the team.

My name is Mario Coronado, St. Louis College of Pharmacy Class of 2016. I will be a second generation pharmacist and alumni of STLCOP. I have been interested in this rotation for some time, having already done some advocating with my professional pharmacy fraternity, Alpha Zeta Omega, so I am very excited to be here.

Throughout this rotation, I plan to dive head first into all of the behind the scenes work going on within the Missouri Pharmacy Association that protects our profession. We are all familiar with the most public results of this hard work, such as Legislative Day and the Missouri Pharmacist publication. This is my chance to see how that work gets done, in between trips to the Capitol.

Along with these opportunities, I want to understand how one gets involved with the consulting work that my preceptor has established himself within. I appreciate what chances I get to problem-solve, and I anticipate many opportunities will present themselves throughout this rotation.

After introductions on Wednesday, we jumped right to work, and through Friday afternoon the team kept me busy with meetings around Jefferson City and on conference calls with pharmacists from around the country. This was a three day crash course in just a handful of the many initiatives in progress here in Jefferson City. The scope of the work these teams perform is greater than I could have imagined without coming here. This is truly an exciting time for pharmacy in Missouri, and I look forward to my opportunity to contribute.

Mario Coronado
St. Louis College of Pharmacy
Pharm.D. Candidate 2016

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