NASPA PQA Work Groups

We have an opportunity through NASPA to nominate up to 10 pharmacists nationwide to serve on PQA Work Groups.  If you have an interest in potentially serving on one of the following Work Groups, Please contact Robyn Silvey, by Friday, January 25.  Thank you.

ACTION NEEDED: Please select your appointees for the 2013 PQA workgroups

In November 2012, PQA held its 3rd Annual Leadership Summit. This summit gave us an opportunity to learn first-hand about the work that has been accomplished in PQA’s workgroups during the year. It also provided a forum for PQA to capture our members’ input on the top priorities and improvements for Workgroups in the upcoming year.
We have used the feedback from the Summit to establish the 2013 Workgroups, select co-chairs and propose broad objectives; all are included below.

PQA’s Mission
To improve the quality of medication management and use across healthcare settings with the goal of improving patients’ health through a collaborative process to develop and implement performance measures and recognize examples of exceptional pharmacy quality.

PQA’s Workgroups and their Role in the Measurement Development Process:
PQA workgroups are essential to the organization. Workgroups meet monthly for an hour by teleconference to develop measure concepts through a consensus-based process. Measure concepts recommended by Workgroups are vetted by the PQA Quality Measurement Expert Panel (QMEP) and then presented as draft measures to the membership for comment. Draft measures are tested to determine feasibility and validity of the measure before the PQA membership votes for endorsement. PQA endorsed metrics are then available for adoption in the marketplace—both in the public and commercial space. Engagement in the workgroups should be viewed as the entry point for all members of PQA.

The expertise of the individuals participating in these workgroups is relied upon heavily throughout the year. We recognize and appreciate the time commitment that will be made in order to participate in these monthly teleconference calls taking place from February through November. We also are grateful to the leaders of these workgroups and the extra time they devote to guiding the discussions and working to achieve the objectives of each workgroup. The teleconference schedule will be determined by the co-chairs, and sent to workgroup members in the first week in February.

PQA 2013 Workgroups
I. Adherence Workgroup
Co-chairs: Christopher M. Dezii, RN, MBA, CPHQ
Director, Healthcare Quality and Performance Measures US Medical
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Mark Enders
Director of Infomatics
MedHOK Healthcare Solutions, LLC
Madeline Ritchie, PharmD
Director, Rx Quality Improvement
Coventry Health Care
Craig Schilling, PharmD
Vice President, Patient Programs

a) Consider an “all class” measure concept for anti-hypertensive agents
b) Consider additional therapeutic areas for development of adherence measure concepts
c) Review comments from PQA membership and testing results related to adherence measure concepts recommended in 2012 (COPD and non-warfarin)

II. MTM Part D Workgroup
Co-chairs: Lynn F. Hilario Deguzman, PharmD, CGP
Clinical Operations Manager, MTM Northern California
Kaiser Permanente Northern California
Jessica Frank, PharmD
Vice President Operations
Outcomes MTM
Lisa Hettich Barnhart, PharmD
Medication Management Specialist
Medication Management Center, University of Arizona College of Pharmacy
Kim Swiger, RPh
VP Clinical Product Marketing
Mirixa Corporation 3

a) Finalize measure concept Drug Therapy Problem Resolutions
b) Develop new measure concept(s) related to Medication Therapy Management and/or Comprehensive Medication Review
c) Finalize measure concept – Therapy Initiation Post MTM – Treatment of Hypertension for Patients with Diabetes
d) Develop additional new measure concepts related to CMS Standardized Format for the Comprehensive Medication Review Action Plan and Summary

III. MTM – Medical Home Workgroup
Co-chairs: Mary Ann Kliethermes, BS, PharmD
Vice-Chair Ambulatory Care, Associate professor
Chicago College of Pharmacy, Midwestern University
Laura Manzey, PharmD, BCPP
Director, Medical Outcomes Specialists
US Field-Based Medical Affairs, Pfizer, Inc.

a) Finalize measure concept – Persons in Medical Home Model Receiving a Comprehensive Medication Review
b) Develop additional new measure concepts related to drug therapy problem resolution or other high priority area

IV. Medication Use Safety
Co-chairs: Karen Farris, B.S. Pharm., Ph.D.
Charles R. Walgreen III Professor of Pharmacy Administration
University of Michigan College of Pharmacy
Lisa Hines, PharmD
Clinical Research Pharmacist
University of Arizona College of Pharmacy, Center for Health Outcomes and Pharmacoeconomic Research

a) Continue development of measure concepts Chronic Use of High Dose Acetaminophen, Hypoglycemic Events Associated with Anti-diabetic Agents, Multi-provider, Multi-opioid Us in Persons without Cancer
b) Consider measure concepts related to therapeutic duplication or other patient safety concerns

V. Mental Health Workgroup
Co-chairs: Benjamin F. Banahan III, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management
The University of Mississippi
Raymond C. Love, PharmD, BCPP, FASHP
Professor and Director, Mental Health Program
University of Maryland School of Pharmacy

a) Continue development of measure concepts Antipsychotic Dosing for Children, Use of Sedative Hypnotic Medications in the Elderly, Low Dose Quetiapine
b) Review possible drug utilization programs in Medicaid programs for additional development of measure concepts 4

VI. Specialty Pharmacy Services Workgroup
Co-chairs: Richard Faris, Ph.D., R.Ph.
Kathleen Shoemaker, PharmD, MBA
Government Payer Strategy, Lilly

a) Develop and refine new measure concepts related to service processes and/or specialty medications
b) Consider further development of the Hepatitis C measure concepts

VII. Long-term Care Workgroup
Co-chairs: W. Gary Erwin, PharmD
Senior Vice President, Clinical Services
Omnicare, Inc.
Ken Tuell, RPh, CPh
Manager – Medicare Pharmacy Support
Humana Inc.

a) Review existing medication-related quality measures used for long-term care population including those recently recommended by the PQA Long-term care technical expert panel
b) Develop or refine new measure concepts related to medications used for the long-term care population

VIII. Measure Update Workgroup
Co-chairs: Patrick Gleason, PharmD, FCCP, BCPS
Director of Health Outcomes
Prime Therapeutics
David Mostellar, PharmD
Pharmacy Quality Manager
WellCare Health Plans, Inc

a) Review each PQA endorsed measure and determine if any changes are needed based on new clinical information
b) Review new updates of NQF endorsed measures for Proportion of Days Covered and Suboptimal Asthma Control and Absence of Controller Therapy

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