Not Just Another Rotation: Annie Rogers

My time and experiences at the Missouri Pharmacy Association cannot be described or condensed to a few short paragraphs. So I’ve choose not to go on and on about how incredible and unique the experiences were. Instead, I would like to take use this article to tell you my plans for the future, all influenced by my time spent, and the people I met, at MPA during my rotation as a pharmacy student.

Pharmacy VisitI now hope that after I graduate I can gain experience working at an independent community pharmacy to ultimately own my own store. All of the independent pharmacy owners I met can give themselves a pat on the back, as you were my inspiration for this decision and you have excited me in this endeavor.

I hope in the future, once eligible, I can be a board member of the Missouri Pharmacy Association. Not only that, I want to be President. Consider this my official announcement of candidacy for president and my intent to run…in a few years. I can thank all of the past presidents, who I met at the Annual Convention, for that big dream.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of the staff at MPA for their support in my future endeavors and for the inspiration that they Pharmacy Visit Rxhave given me. I want to thank everyone I met at the Annual Convention and I hope to see you again at future conventions in the many years to come.

Lastly, I want to encourage everyone to get involved in their amazing state association as I have and will continue to do long after I graduate. You don’t know how much work goes into making sure your profession moves forward and making it the great career we have all chosen. Join the party. Join me and the Missouri Pharmacy Association!

Annie Rogers
PharmD Candidate 2014

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