Pharmacist of the Day Teamwork

Kebodeaux, Clark

Clark Kebodeaux, St. Louis College of Pharmacy

Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to participate in the ‘Pharmacist of the Day’ with MPA CEO Ron Fitzwater, MPA Colleague Randy Meents, and Andrew Mehrle, a student pharmacist on rotation with MPA.  It was a great experience and we were able to visit multiple legislators and promote legislation that would be beneficial for pharmacy and the patients we serve.  In particular, we discussed bills related to fairness in MAC pricing, expanding allowable pharmacist immunizations, and promoting a prescription drug monitoring program bill that has already been passed by the house.  While our schedules worked out that we shared the pharmacist of the day responsibilities, I really enjoyed working with the team because we worked well together visiting all of our legislators and fielding questions as they arose.  In addition, we were able to meet with a few legislators not on the schedule as Ron was able to help us catch pertinent legislators as we moved throughout the capital.

One specific instance stuck out to me that emphasized the importance of all MPA members and Missouri Pharmacists to participating in the Pharmacist of the Day initiative.   We were able to speak with Rep. Kimberly Gardner who represents District 077 (which includes St. Louis College of Pharmacy) and she came off the floor to meet us and had questions for us as well.  She had a few questions related to compounding and as a team we were able to provide information quickly and set the table for a brief but good discussion about the issues that affected pharmacists.  This showed the importance of being there for your legislators just by being a part of the process.  I look forward to using this opportunity to further engage my legislators during Missouri Legislative Day and encourage you all to do the same!


Clark Kebodeaux, Pharm.D., BCACP
Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice
St. Louis College of Pharmacy

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