RxAlly Closure Announcement

Dear RxAlly Performance Network Member,

Just over 18 months ago, RxAlly brought together an unprecedented alliance of pharmacies united to help patients achieve better health through personalized pharmacist care while reducing costs.

Today I write to let you know that the RxAlly board of directors has decided to close the company effective August 23. While we are disappointed in this outcome, we appreciate the progress we made in developing a shared interest in advancing pharmacist care and thank you for stepping up to join us in this important initiative.

Like many of you, I — along with my colleagues at RxAlly — have a deep personal passion for the pharmacy profession and a strong commitment to seeing it evolve and thrive. That’s why RxAlly was founded: to transform into reality this vision of advancing the role of pharmacy to improve patient care — at a time when our health care system is poised to undergo dramatic and much-needed changes.

Our goal at RxAlly was to have the pharmacist recognized for the tremendous value they bring to our health care system. We sought to facilitate a model where the pharmacist is central to a system and where the full value of medicines is recognized. These goals don’t become less relevant with the closure of RxAlly, but rather more critical.

It is essential that community pharmacy continue to drive positive change within our industry and help to keep community pharmacies in business for years to come. If not RxAlly, I hope there will be anothercatalyst for the needed change our profession and industry have long envisioned. Change that will have the pharmacist recognized as an integral part of health care and ensuring the full value of medicines are recognized for what they have become — the centerpiece of health care. Some view medicines as simply pills in a bottle, but we see the tremendous value they play in preventing disease, saving lives, saving our health care system significant dollars, and ultimately helping the patients we serve live healthier and happier lives.

All of us at RxAlly would like to thank you for your support and belief in our company and our mission. I know that many of us will continue to work toward our goal of advancing the practice of community pharmacy albeit in a different way. I wish you all the best.

Very truly yours,
Bruce T. Roberts, R.Ph.
CEO, RxAlly

Important Information related to the Medication Optimization Program
For pharmacies in the Medication Optimization Program, here is some information about SmartD Rx MTM cases:

  • If you have completed, attested and submitted case(s) by the 11:59 pm ET August 22 deadline, you will get paid for your services. A check will be sent to the address on file with RxAlly. If you have payment questions, contact info@RxAlly.com.
  • All cases not completed by the August 22 deadline will be moved to SmartD Rx’s new MTM provider.
  • If you have questions about MTM, please contact SmartD Rx at 1-888-328-0420.

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