Self-Audit Letters

To date, approximately 300 pharmacies in Missouri have been sent a “self-audit” letter from the MMAC unit within DSS. They are requesting a self-audit of Medicaid billings from January 1, 2007 – December 31, 2008.  We have received calls from a number of MPA members who received one of these letters to try to determine how they should respond.  After background review with MPA’s legal counsel and other consultants, we believe that there are some problems with the request from MMAC.  We are currently developing a response to DSS regarding these self-audits requests.  We recommend that you consider delaying a response to their request until we can get additional information.

Note: The decision to respond is strictly your decision.  If you decide to proceed, we encourage you to consider legal representation to guide you through your response.  We will get additional information to you as quickly as possible.

One role of the Missouri Pharmacy Association is to assist at times like these. If you have additional questions regarding these self-audit requests, please call Drew Oestreich at (573) 636-7522.

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