‘Spring Has Sprung’


Spring. It has multiple definitions. Obviously, one is as a Season. It is one of the four Seasons we enjoy here in Missouri. As the saying goes, “spring has sprung.” It certainly has here in Jefferson City, as well as in other communities across Missouri and the country.

With it comes a sense of renewal and a new start. The spring rains wash away the grime and doldrums of winter. Moods are better in the spring as the cold dark skies of Winter break open to the crystal blue skies that lead us towards summer. Spring also brings the beautiful blossoms of the pear trees, tulips and the awesome Cherry Blossoms around the Mall and Tidal Basin in Washington, DC (which I finally caught in full bloom for the first time this year). Even though we had a relatively mild winter in Missouri, most of us are ready for the burst of spring.

Spring can also be defined as to leap or move forward. To spring at an opportunity or to spring forth to take advantage of a situation. Although I am enjoying the spring weather this year, it is the latter definition that I am trying to convey here.

The Missouri Pharmacy Association has a number of projects and programs that we are coordinating on behalf of our members – both at the state level as well as the federal level. And we once again need MPA members to “spring forward” to help us.

On the state level, the Missouri Legislative Session has just passed the half-way point. We have been extremely busy this Session dealing with issues that impact pharmacists and your patients. On Wednesday April 11, MPA hosted the annual MPA Legislative Day. It was held in Jefferson City at the Capitol Plaza Hotel and the State Capitol. We had a record breaking more than 300 registrations for the event and I hope that those who attended had a wonderful time.

In addition to presentations from key legislators who are sponsoring bills that are of interest to pharmacists, we also had a presentation from Harvey Tettlebaum regarding the new Medicaid RAC Audits. Please contact Robyn Silvey at robyn@morx.com if you need information from the events speakers.

In June we will be hosting the 2012 MPA Annual Convention at the beautiful St. Charles Convention Center. This promises to be an outstanding weekend of education, networking and fun. It is Cardinals v. Royals weekend at Busch Stadium, so we will be taking a large contingent to the Friday evening game for some exciting relaxation and fun. The CE programs will be first class and give you a breadth of knowledge about critical issues impacting your profession. Please check the MPA web site at www.morx.com for more information.

Thank you for your support of the Missouri Pharmacy Association. I hope you will “spring” at the opportunities to participate with your colleagues at these exciting events. Thank you.

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