Stop Meth. Not Meds. In Missouri


Missouri implemented real-time, stop-sale technology blocking illegal sales of medicines containing pseudoephedrine (PSE), an ingredient used in methamphetamine production. Real-time, stop-sale technology fights meth abuse without requiring a prescription for your common cold and allergy medications containing PSE.

Missouri Municipal Legislative Alert – City Councils and Boards of Aldermen are considering legislation that would force residents to obtain a doctor’s prescription before buying safe and effective cold & allergy medicines containing pseudoephedrine. Click below to write your local elected officials in St. Louis, Springfield and Manchester, and make your opinion heard!

So far in 2012, Missouri’s real-time, stop-sale technology has blocked the sale of more than 22,000 boxes of PSE, keeping over 54,000 grams from potentially being diverted by meth criminals.

Thankfully, Missouri state lawmakers defeated a proposal during the 2012 legislative session that would have forced all Missourians to obtain a prescription before buying safe and effective medicines containing pseudoephedrine.

However, some Missouri county representatives are considering imposing such a mandate at the local level. If you want your county representative to leave your safe and effective medications alone and preserve access for Missouri’s cold and allergy sufferers, check to see if your county is affected, then contact your county representative.

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