Success at the Ozark Area Drug Take Back Day Event

Written by: Brian Burney, MPA member

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Drug Take Back Day in the Ozarks.

The Ozark Area Pharmacy Association participated in the DEA Medication Take Back Event that was held Saturday, April 27, as part of a reclamation project.

We had seven drop sites participate throughout the city.  The two locations on the north side were Alps Pharmacy and Convenient Care Pharmacy (CoxNorth campus).  The two midtown locations were Medicine Store and George’s Pharmacy.  The three south locations were Walgreens (Republic and Scenic), Grove Pharmacy, and Family Pharmacy.

The Greene County Sheriff’s Department fulfilled our on-site law enforcement requirements and they did a fantastic job.

The day was a huge success despite the less-than-ideal weather conditions.  We brought in 1,570 pounds of expired and unwanted medications.

Drug Take Back Day in Missouri's Ozarks area.

Drug Take Back Day in Missouri’s Ozarks area.

It took hard work and dedication from a lot of people to pull this together and make it a success. Special thanks go out to the site coordinators and their staff that gave up their Saturday and the parking lots.

Last, a special thank you to all those who volunteered the day of the event.  It was chaotic and wet and cold, but all seven drop-sites pulled it off without a hitch.

I think a lot of hurdles have been cleared, paving the way for the fall event to be even bigger!

Thanks to all,
Brian Burney

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