The Best Legislative Day Ever! #LegDay2013

MPA Legislative Day attendees at the Missouri Capitol Building.

MPA Legislative Day attendees at the Missouri Capitol Building.

On Wednesday, April 10, 2013, the Missouri pharmacists, technicians and students who attended our Legislative Day will remember it, up to this point, as the most successful Legislative Day the MPA has ever hosted in Jefferson City. You can expect people to remember that it was the largest crowd ever with more than 200 students, nearly 100 pharmacists, and a smattering of associate and technician MPA members in attendance. They’ll remember a number of legislators speaking directly to the audience about the importance of their profession and the evolving healthcare field in Missouri. They’ll recall how fast the ice cream was gone in the rotunda of the Capitol Building at our Annual (and highly reviewed) Central Dairy Ice Cream Feast for legislators.

If you unfortunately were unable to attend, you’ll have missed so many great interactions, networking opportunities, tours, hearings, sessions, student reviews and interviews, drug screenings, food and fellowship. From expert speakers and legislators, to students giving the crowd their perspective on the importance of being involved in the legislative process, there were many notable highlights to this event.

And, it was historic not only for the content and networking delivered, but by the sheer numbers of those in attendance. Thanks to the leadership of both UMKC and St. Louis schools of pharmacy, we had another huge year of student involvement at this event. The St. Louis College of Pharmacy had busloads of students in attendance. Also, thanks to the leadership of UMKC staff, we were even able to administer an exam to students in a private location at the facilities so they would be able to take their test and still attend #LegDay2013.

Thanks to the Tweets and many hours of legislative meetings and discussions, the MPA can rest assured that the legislators in Jefferson City have heard your voices and seen your white coats in our state’s Capitol Building. Thanks to all who attended and were so thoroughly involved. Thanks to the staff of the MPA for organizing this event. Thanks to the schools who brought hundreds of students to descend on our Capitol. And, thanks to our members who have made this organization into the premier industry advocate for pharmacists in the state of Missouri.

God bless,

Travis Fitzwater
Chief Operating Officer
Missouri Pharmacy Association | (573) 636-7522

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