To Chillicothe and back again

On Wednesday, I had the pleasure of getting out of the office and traveling two and a half hours north of Jefferson City to interview your next Missouri Pharmacist Spotlight Member, Scott Cady of Hometown Health Mart Pharmacy in Chillicothe. When I arrived, I was greeted by a lively group of pharmacists and technicians and was introduced to Scott for the first time. He had a very warm demeanor and as one of is coworkers, Melissa King said, Scott has a bed side manor that rivals the best doctor, which after spending the afternoon with him I could see that it is definitely true!

During my time with Scott, he took me around Hometown and showed me several aspects of his job. The most interesting part was an automated pill counting machine from ScriptPro. While I think the automated pill machine is a really neat tool to have, that is all it is, a tool. We tweeted last week about MedCo CEO David Snow champion Robotic Pharmacists over their human counterparts and after seeing Scott in action, I can only but 100 percent disagree with Snow. (If you want to read Snow’s address about robotic pharmacists click here.) The way Scott ran his team was really impressive and I couldn’t help but be impressed that he seemingly knew every single person who walked through the door, this isn’t something you would get from a robot!

I strongly suggest if you are in the Chillicothe area heading over to say hello to Scott and his team. Keep an eye out for your inboxes for my full story on my trip to Chillicothe to meet Scott next month in the Missouri Pharmacist. Click here to read the past issue.

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