Top 5 Reasons to Get Involved With the MPA

To My Fellow Pharmacy Students (and Pharmacists) – Top 5 Reasons to Get Involved With MPA
By Scott Halvorson

I’m starting my final year of pharmacy school at UMKC which means I’m on the year long pilgrimage of professional rotations in search of the type of pharmacy I’ll practice in.

My first rotation was in Branson, MO. Conveniently, Branson was also the home of the 2010 MPA Annual Convention. This was the second time I’ve been to MPA’s annual convention, and the second time it has far exceeded my expectations. I only wish there were more of my classmates there to share the experience with!

Here are my top five reasons for pharmacy students (and pharmacists who aren’t already involved) to get involved with MPA and that includes attending the MPA Annual Convention.

Top Five Reasons:

1. It’s an Investment in Your Personal Career: Even if you already have a job lined up, chances are, at the convention you’ll meet a future employer, business partner, or fellow pharmacist who has a vision for a pharmacy practice that lines up with yours. I’ve made friends and gained mentors that I will certainly turn to for years to help me grow in the profession

2. MPA is Working Hard So You Can FULLY UTILIZE YOUR SKILL SET: Did you know MPA is rolling out a program that allows you to get paid for your cognitive services? MO-PCN is a project headed by some of the most innovative and influential pharmacists in Missouri, so you can do more than just stand behind the counter! (Click HERE to view the MOPCN website)

3. This is What You Don’t Get in School: MPA is hip and with it when it comes to current trends and the future of what’s happening within pharmacy. This year pharmacy-gadget-guru, Bill Felkey, from Auburn University gave an exciting presentation on how to utilize technology and build an online community to connect with your patients and grow your practice. You earn CE for attending dynamic sessions like this!

4. Networking, Networking, Networking: The crème of the crop of pharmacists and pharmacy owners are at the annual meeting. You’ll have all weekend to learn what they are doing to make their practice exciting and meaningful for themselves, employees and their patients. Hint: They love sharing advice with students.

5. It Really Is Fun: You may have a chance to work on your golf game at the MPA Annual Golf Tournament and you’ll certainly enjoy the sun, shops, and natural beauty of the Convention location.

I left the convention, excited, motivated and equipped with new knowledge, and best of all I left having a network of pharmacists who are working everyday to further the profession for the good of pharmacists and our patients.

Scott Halvorson – UMKC School of Pharmacy
Pharm.D. Candidate May 2011

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