URGENT: Update on the Medicaid Prescriber Identification (DEA) Correction

The Missouri Pharmacy Association continues to work with MHD to resolve the correction of prescriber identification (DEA) numbers.  The state has corrected the issue with EMOMED.  You are now able to void and resubmit the claims with corrected prescriber identifier.  You should make every effort to correct all claims by May 24, 2013.   This will allow you to see the least impact on your next two Medicaid reimbursements and thus your cash flow.  If you are able to correct them all, the amount recouped and the amount paid back to you will total zero through the next two cycles.  If not you will see funds recouped on the first cycle in June.  To minimize the impact on your cash flow, get the corrections and resubmissions done by May 24, 2013. If you make no effort to correct the claims by May 24, 2013 your cash flow may be significantly impacted.

In all likelihood, you will have a few claims that you will not be able to get to pay upon resubmission.  This will be because something has changed since the original claims were submitted (eligibility, edits, or similar).  The ICN (internal control number) on your resubmitted claims will start with “49”.  Keep copies of the claims you resubmitted.  If you have problems with any claim, list the ICN and other claim related data on a spreadsheet and send it back to the email address from which you received the initial list of problem claims.  The state will assist in correcting any claims that you were unable to get to pay.  YOU MUST, HOWEVER, HAVE TRIED AND RECEIVED AN ERROR and you MUST PROVIDE THE STATE WITH THE ICN starting with the “49” number so they can research and assist in the correction.  The state WILL NOT correct claims that you have not made DEA/NPI corrections and have not received a “49” unpaid ICN containing additional issues.

Please call Drew Oestreich at (573) 636-7522 if you have any additional questions.


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