Website Revamp

By JOHN SPRINGLI | Communications Manager | MPA

Over the past few months we have been diligently working to roll out new features and designs to Our largest overhaul premiered on March 8, 2012 with our new layout design.
For the very first time, visitors are able to receive Missouri Pharmacy Association updates from Facebook, Twitter, and the PharmacyFlash side-by-side. People looking to donate to our multiple charitable organizations like the Pharmacy Political Action Committee (PPAC) or the Disaster Relief Fund will not have to travel far into our site either with the new design. All of this and more is now housed in one convenient location to make sure the user experience is as comfortable as possible while you’re on the MPA’s website.

Homepage: One Stop Information Center

One of the biggest reasons we decided to revamp our presence on the Internet is that we felt our old site lacked the ability to share the vast amounts of information we have to send out to you, our members. When we were in the planning stages for the new site, we researched numerous options for how to share our news and events and the most popular device used across the majority of sites was an item called the rotating centerpiece. We agreed that this would best meet our needs as an association to delineate information to members.

The rotating centerpiece we had designed sits at the top of our homepage. In it, a series of four images will rotate through in a continuous loop, with a short one to two sentence message that will explain just what you are seeing.

If you want to know more, feel free to click the image and it will take you to a designated page where you can explore just what will happen during the event.

By clicking the green arrows of the centerpiece, you can interact with it and toggle through the series to return to an image to reading more if you missed something or you can skip ahead if you’ve finished reading before the picture changes.

Tabbed Content Means
More News For You.

Directly beneath the rotating centerpiece is a tabbed content region which allows you to connect with all our news feeds from local, state and national sources. The default tab is set to the PharmacyFlash News feed. This is an up to date news feed of the PharmacyFlash emails you receive as MPA members every Tuesday and Thursday in your email inbox. If you are looking for more local or association news, simply clicking the remaining three tabs, you’re instantly able to search through the most recent blog posts from, our ever improving YouTube Channel as well as our newly designed Events tab that lays out a map of the next six events the MPA chooses to showcase.

Social Media Interactions

On our secondary tabbed content area which is located off to the right of our homepage links our site to our Facebook and Twitter pages and will display recent status updates from the MPA. You will also have the ability to scroll back through the feed to see all our old status updates.

At the base of the page under the “Navigation” headline, you will be able to find information and new sources aggregated for some of your favorite pharmacy specific topics. This is information that might otherwise go unnoticed by the every day user.

Take Action Now

A process we are constantly looking to streamline is how you can contact your representatives in state and national government. We encourage everyone to try hovering over the Take Action Now tab at the top of our website and looking up the email and or phone numbers for your representative. One of the best things you can do for your business and the profession of pharmacy is to keep in constant contact with your representatives to make sure they will know every side of an issue so they can make the best imformed decision possible. Even if it is just to say hello and introduce yourself, email them today, you’ll be glad you did make the effort!

Donations Made Easy!

One of the features that we are most excited about is the donation box at the very top of the homepage. We placed it there so helping out your favorite MPA organization is only a click away. Three of the services we have set up currently are the Pharmacy Political Action Committee, the Missouri Pharmacy Foundation and the Missouri Disaster Relief Fund.

In the past we’ve been able to set up scholarships, support pharmacy-friendly candidates running for office in Missouri as well as donate to state disaster such as the May 22 tornado that struck Joplin last year. All of this was only made possible through your contributions to these great organizations.

Laying Down
Our New Look

The largest difference of the website is of course the new design. Beginning with simple sketches back in September of 2011, we eventually were able to nail down the current look you are able to see today.

Our hope was that by having this new layout, members would have an easier time discovering how much information we are able to provide for them across our site and how easy it can be to traverse the mountain of material we give them.

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